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Seminole Carpet Cleaning offers comprehensive carpet cleaning solutions to meet your needs in Tallahassee, FL and surrounding areas.  We offer professional carpet cleaning, ceramic tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services. We provide residential and commercial customers with excellent customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. Seminole Carpet Cleaning was founded on a principle of honest pricing, top-quality work, and unprecedented customer service, and we believe it is these objectives that make all the difference.

At Seminole Carpet Cleaning, our team members are trained to deliver the best service experience possible. All of our team members receive extensive in-house training for our systems and procedures, and are sent to national training programs to receive industry certifications such as from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Due to the intense training sessions our team members participate in, they are some of the best cleaners in Tallahassee.

To deliver consistently excellent results, our team members are trained in three important areas, among others. These areas include the pH scale, principles of soil suspension, and principles of carpet cleaning. Being an expert in these areas allows our team members to deliver the most effective cleaning service possible.


pH Scale

Knowing how the pH scale relates to soil removal, the life of your carpet, and how fast carpets will re-soil is extremely important. You can bet our team members understand it!  Our vans are stocked with 14 different types of solutions to tackle any type of staining they come across. The environmentally friendly, high-end cleaning solutions we use provide excellent results, while keeping your family safe.  Team members are able to apply the appropriate solution designed for each stain, therefore giving you the best chance for successful stain removal. While we can never guarantee stain removal, if you choose either our Gold or Chief carpet cleaning packages we guarantee we will do our best!


Principles of Soil Suspension and Cleaning

Our team members understand the four principles of soil suspension: temperature, agitation, chemical action, and time (TACT). Knowing how soils act during the cleaning process is important to understanding how to remove them. Also, team members understand the five principles of cleaning: dry soil removal, extraction, grooming, soil suspension, and drying. Knowing how to clean properly allows us to achieve the best possible results.


Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment

All truck mounted machines, solutions, and cleaners are not created equal.  Our top of the line, regularly maintained equipment allows us to clean more efficiently and better than our competition. We only purchase the best machines, tools, and cleaning solutions for use in our customers’ homes and businesses.  Our machines produce high heat and have powerful vacuums, allowing us to remove more soils from floors and upholstery. In addition, this vacuum power makes for shorter dry times. Most carpets are dry in just a few hours after cleaning.

When we say high end heat we mean it.  ServSafe recommends water temperatures of at least 180 degrees Farenheight for sanitizing dishware.  It takes a high quality carpet cleaning machine to deliver water that hot, and that’s exactly what ours can do.  Just use caution around this equipment, and be careful not to touch the hoses or any metal fittings – they get hot!


Carpet Cleaning Packages

We offer three service levels for carpet cleaning, each tailored to fit our customers’ varying needs and budgets. While all of our carpet cleaning packages including our Garnet package are designed to give you the best service for your money, when you choose our popular Gold or Chief Carpet Cleaning packages, you will be provided with an experience that goes beyond not only our competition, but also industry standards. Once you give Seminole Carpet Cleaning a shot, you will never have to search for another company in Tallahassee again!

Don’t just take our word for it, there’s proof! Seminole Carpet Cleaning has consistently been voted as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in The Tally Awards. Also, check out our online reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp to see what our customers have to say. Call our office today and find out why we say “we don’t cut corners… we clean them!”


Want to learn more about our carpet cleaning packages?

We offer three service levels of carpet cleaning. Called the Garnet, Gold, and Chief Packages. Visit our cleaning services page to learn more.


Learn more about carpet cleaning!

Have more questions about choosing a cleaning company in Tallahassee? Want to know how frequently you should have your flooring and upholstery cleaned?   Visit our informational website to learn more!


Want to learn more about restoration?

Our sister company, Seminole Fire Water Restoration, operates on the same basis as Seminole Carpet Cleaning with regards to training, equipment, and solutions.  Seminole Fire Water Restoration offers water, mold, and fire restoration services with 24/7 response for water emergencies.  The same team members that make it though our intense cleaning training move on to learning these important services as well.  Visit the Seminole Fire Water Restoration website to learn more about our restoration services!



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The 'Nole Crew

Meet the team!
Summer H.
Project Coordinator

Summer brings to the table experience in administration and management, and extensive knowledge of the cleaning and restoration industries. She works with team members, vendors, and customers to coordinate projects and ensure customer satisfaction from beginning to end.

Bill Riser

Bill has extensive knowledge about the restoration industry as well as the Tallahassee area. Bill is head of the sales and marketing division. He also works hand in hand with each restoration customer to ensure that they are well informed and that any questions are answered regarding the process. Bill carries several IICRC certifications.

Michelle Gray

Michelle is experienced in project scheduling and customer service. She works with team members, vendors, and customers to ensure customer satisfaction from beginning to end.

Steve L.
Crew Leader

Steve is an experienced carpet cleaner and restorer, and customer service expert. Steve is certified with the IICRC in carpet cleaning and water restoration and his #1 goal is customer satisfaction and getting the job done right the first time.

Kendricks E.
Crew Leader

Kendricks is knowledgeable in all areas of cleaning and restoration, and is certified in water restoration by the IICRC. Ken's go-getter attitude, extensive training, and experience allow him to succeed at each job and provide top-notch customer service.

Alex Butler

Alex is an experienced carpet cleaner and restorer, and customer service expert. His #1 goal is customer satisfaction and getting the job done right the first time.

Brian Hendry

Brian is an experienced carpet cleaner and restorer, and customer service expert. Brian is certified with the IICRC in carpet cleaning, water restoration and applied structural drying. Brian's #1 goal is customer satisfaction and getting the job done right the first time.

Stacey Haye Williams

Stacey is an experienced carpet and tile cleaner. Stacey is customer service oriented and prides herself on ensuring she leaves the customer happier than expected.

Tyler Goodwin

Tyler is an experienced carpet cleaner and restorer, and customer service expert. His #1 goal is customer satisfaction and getting the job done right the first time.

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