Seminole Carpet Cleaning offers ceramic and porcelain tile and grout cleaning for all areas of your home including bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchen floors, tiled foyers and entryways, tiled halls, sun-rooms, counter tops, and more.

  1. Inspection. Note heavily soiled areas and staining.
  2. Clean baseboards and ceiling fans. Helps with dust control for healthier indoor air quality.
  3. Furniture moving. Move light furniture.**
  4. Pre-treatment. We use a high alkalinity pre-spray, which helps break down ground-in dirt and stains.
  5. Agitate grout lines. Hand-scrub grout lines where needed, loosening ground in debris and distributing pre-treatment agent.
  6. Deep steam extraction. Clean and rinse entire area using our exclusive hot water extraction method. This high temperature and high pressure cleaning will remove the pre-treatment agent used, leaving your tile and grout clean and virtually residue free.
  7. Apply low pH treatment to any difficult stains that remain and re-extract.
  8. Replace furniture that was moved.
  9. 2 week guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning service, we will clean again free of charge within 14 days. Does not include new staining. Grease, paint, dye coloring stains, and urine stains and odor removal are not guaranteed.

** Note: We do not move electronics, large heavy furniture, bookshelves, beds, dressers, pianos, antiques, china cabinets, or any items over 75lbs. We may refuse to move any furniture item.

Note: It is difficult for Seminole Carpet Cleaning or its agents to determine whether a tiled or other hard surface has been treated with a sealant, wax, or other coating. We cannot be held liable for peeling, flaking, cracking, or discoloration, or other adverse affects as a result of cleaning or otherwise treating the area. Weakened grout lines may further crack or flake when cleaned. We cannot be held liable for damage to tile, grout, or other hard surface as a result of cleaning or otherwise treating the weakened area. Our liability is limited to the cost of the service only.

Clear Grout Sealant

Grout is porous, and if left unsealed, dirt, cooking oil, grease, and spills become embedded. Once it’s embedded it requires professional cleaning to remove.

After professional cleaning, we can help prevent spills from becoming stains by applying clear sealant to your grout lines. Sealant provides a protective barrier, giving you more time to wipe up dirt and spills before they can sink in and making the grout lines easier to maintain between professional cleanings.