Gold Package

Our gold cleaning package provides an excellent value in addition to adhering to industry standards, however does not include carpet protector. We recommend the gold package for families with children, pets, or excessively high traffic, and those looking for a more thorough cleaning, but do not need carpet protection.

  1. Inspection. Note customer concerns, heavily soiled areas, and staining.
  2. Clean visible baseboards and ceiling fan blades in areas cleaned. Helps with dust control for healthier indoor air quality.
  3. Furniture moving. Move light furniture items at customer request.**
  4. Dry vacuum carpet. Removes dry soils that damage carpet fibers and pet hair from the carpet’s surface for a more thorough cleaning.
  5. Limited specialty stain removal, up to 10 minutes in each room cleaned. Includes enzyme treatment for pet stains and removal of red stains, rust, gum, wax, paint, and more.
  6. Pre-treatment. We match our pre-spray to your carpet’s needs. Removes as many stains as possible and provides natural deodorization.
  7. Agitate carpet where needed. Carpet grooming lifts and separates carpet fibers and distributes pre-treatment agent.
  8. Deep steam extraction. Clean and rinse entire area using our exclusive hot water extraction method with our specially formulated detergent. This will remove the pre-treatment agent used, leaving your carpets clean and virtually residue free.
  9. Apply encapsulating fabric softener and deodorizer. This product will leave your carpets with a lower pH and fresh scent, along with new encapsulating technology. This means your carpet will stay fresher longer and be much easier to keep clean. May be done during the extraction process, or as a separate step, depending on the type of carpet.
  10. Replace and block furniture. Place foam blocks under furniture to protect furniture that was moved. Do not remove blocks until carpet is completely dry.
  11. 3 month warranty on non-dye colored stains. Spills happen. If it leaves a stain and you are unable to remove it yourself, we will return to your home and clean the spot free of charge within 3 months of the original service. Does not include urine stains or dye colored stains (wine, juice, etc.).

** Note: We do not move electronics, large heavy furniture, bookshelves, beds, dressers, pianos, antiques, china cabinets, or any items over 75lbs. We may refuse to move any furniture item.