Commercial and Property Management

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Seminole Carpet Cleaning and Fire Water Restoration understands the importance of maintaining a clean work environment. Because day-to-day traffic brings in dirt that abrades carpet fibers, your company’s carpet needs expert care and regular maintenance to extend its life and protect this important investment in your business. Tile and grout, upholstery, and area rug cleaning is also available.

We use state-of-the-art equipment, non-toxic environmentally safe supplies, and well-trained Service Technicians. And, with our flexible scheduling options, we are able to work around your business hours to least disturb your customers. 

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Commercial Restorative Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Dry soil removal from primary traffic areas (optional). Removes dry soils that damage carpet fibers and pet hair from the carpet’s surface for a more thorough cleaning.
2. Furniture moving (optional).
3. Specialty stain removal (optional). Remove most specialty stains for up to 10 minutes in each room cleaned. Includes enzyme treatment for pet stains and removal of red stains, rust, gum, wax, paint, and more.
4. Pre-treatment application. We match our pre-spray to your carpet’s needs. Removes as many stains as possible and provides natural deodorization.
5. Agitation of traffic areas and stains where needed. Carpet grooming lifts and separates carpet fibers and distributes pre-treatment agent.
6. Deep steam cleaning with rinse-aid. Clean and rinse entire area using our exclusive hot water extraction method with our specially formulated detergent. This will remove the pre-treatment agent used, leaving your carpets clean and virtually residue free
7. Apply encapsulating fabric softener and deodorizer. This product will leave your carpets with a lower pH and fresh scent, along with new encapsulating technology. This means your carpets will stay fresher longer and be much easier to keep clean. May be done during the cleaning process or as a separate step, depending on the type of carpet. 
8. Quick dry options available and include use of fans during the cleaning process to speed-up dry times.